The Keeper

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 “Ordinary books don’t move. Ordinary books are quite happy waiting to be picked up. You could leave an ordinary book somewhere uncomfortable – at the bottom of a dark schoolbag or in the middle of a shop window – and it wouldn’t dare budge, even if it had to sneeze. Nobody had told the Book of Magic this, though, so it jumped into Oisín’s hands without so much as a flap of its pages.” 

Oisín is not sure hwants to be Keeper of the Book of Magic – but when his little sister Sorcha is kidnapped by the Morrígan, a raven-goddess with a heart as dark as her feathers, he has to learn how to use the Book for good.

On his quest to rescue Sorcha, Oisín must conquer the Mountain of Wind, defeat snow-snakes and shadow fish and enter the Morrígan’s chamber of bone. Can Oisín discover the secret of the Book, so that he can truly become its Keeper and release Sorcha from the grasp of the Morrígan?

‘The Keeper is far too good for my liking. Darragh Martin must be stopped.’ – Eoin Colfer, author of the Artemis Fowl series.